Rally Hi Breeze 400 mm Stand Fan

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Rs. 2,965
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Rs. 3,960
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Rs. 995 (26%)

The Rally Hi Breeze 400 mm Stand Fan is a versatile and powerful cooling solution designed to offer efficient air circulation in various settings. With a 400-millimeter (approximately 16-inch) blade diameter, it provides a refreshing breeze to cool down your environment. This stand fan typically includes multiple speed settings, an adjustable stand for customizable height, and may offer oscillation for wider air distribution. It's an ideal choice for keeping spaces cool and comfortable.

  • Material - ABS
  • Blade Sweep - 400 MM
  • Warranty - 2 years (On Motor) 
  • Motor Speed - 1350 RPM
  • Number of speed settings - 3
  • Power Consumption - 220-240 V
  • Watts- 66 W

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